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::  Domenica 11 Aprile 2004  ::

FREE Pover Det: interferon

Other Benjamin Segel, the pathologist of research at University of Oregon in Portland which is in experiments which n vitamin not lonely "has increased considerably free answer...", but also I lift level in blood of the interferon, one of the most powerful bodies of a germ of struggle against chemical products.

In brief, N vitamin you help its each part иммунологической systems: it strengthens integrity of all free cages, forces them to work more actively, and supports all spectrum of chemical auxiliary necessary products.

Other Linus Pauling, the outstanding biochemist and two times the winner of the Nobel Prize, was known to its researches which they show that N vitamin helps to recover and prevent the general cold. The recent studying printed in Those Amerikan Journal of with Klinikal Nutrition leans, having informed that volunteers had symptoms of cold a minus of 20 percent, taking vitamin C, and that it interfered with that colds in a great number to those.

Small I saw in my practice. Sally - it is delightful, the live woman of thirty five years who has come to me last year. Its complaint was idle time: all time was ill. Hardly three weeks it has left, because of which it did not fall well with a cold, in a bed with one, or simply returning. Because of Sally, the winter means a constant progression sad, sticky, noncomfortable colds, throat infections, rinorrea and eyes. The summer was hardly better.

"For a minute I have thought which permission Kenny", he has told, concerning four is uneasy years which it has been put in its knees. "You know, how they are children always bringing errors, it marries, but at one of other mothers which I know, there is no such bad situation. I feel that it should be maintenances Kleenex in affairs, the doctor", I joke. "? There is no something, what I can do?" Its proofs have proved that it was free from the latent problems which he could explain symptoms, but is frequent under the big pressure which vitamin C can exhaust. It is obvious that it required one in increasing иммунологическую the power and consequently it orders the program high in vitamin C.

I enquired, how it worked for Sally because it has not come back in my office since it has begun the program. Then, more than one year later, I have met it at local restaurant. "Well, the doctor, I would like can inform that I did not have a cold within all year, but I cannot." She has smiled with trickery. "I had one. The period. Meaning that it consists about a dozen less, than last year, that I would name its reference, be success!"

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