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::  Domenica 11 Aprile 2004  ::


Salt - a chemical compound generated by two components: sodium and chlorine. This quantity of sodium which does that all problem.

As you know, its body is made thousand millions cages everything have gathered to create its physical being.

When salt is included into its body, and it pushes forces of water of its cages in surrounding matters and distinctions between cages. Thanks to that in cages there should be a water which they urge to replace that undertakes in its body, and they grow thin in, whence it can reach it, placing huge pressure upon the rest of its body.

, Its body in a ready state. Water which they are usually used in other corporal processes, is turned on now to satisfy thirst of its cages. The most part of this water has appropriated a foodstuff with which he eats because necessity of its cages "to cancel all the others.

Its body usually occurs in the majority of water it turns out from a foodstuff to help with digestion process, especially destruction. It is process of constant cleanliness. Waters it accelerates continuous washing of its system, releasing it from the rests and potential fat. However, when there is a high concentration of salt in its system, density of water and a foodstuff and the rests remain obstinate and cannot leave its body.

It inflates its body as the liquid collects, collects in zones where it is not necessary in which not probably to use in which, in view of abnormal insistence which it imposes to its bodies, actually it works against its system. < / P>

Would be possible to speak? Also what? It lonely water.? What distinction is? Well, one releases - one pound - pound, already be water, or if it fat.? You have understood, what even in 75 percent of additional weight what to go everywhere is in a liquid state?? It has no feeling when the role which plays water in our system and quantity of weight of our body is understood, - water?

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