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::  Domenica 11 Aprile 2004  ::

They weigh: Rise Above

We should stay focused in which the Spirit of God wants.

Eventually, brothers, all that true, all fair, all fair, all pure, all kind, all that amazing if something worthy from a praise, of it think.

Also as well as there were sceptics whom the first pilots have thought, it could not overcome a gravity of the Earth, today's sceptics I do not think what probably to win a sin. Sceptics will tell that its efforts reach nothing, also. They will tell to it that you waste time. They will tell to it that you the madman, it cannot reach its purpose, without depending on grammes of fat and exercise as its saviour. They shout, "? Where - your God who assumes, what to relieve you? Probably I do not hear you." Its enemies it will guard it to fly over meal within days, with hope of that incident to see. Very much it is pleasant to them that it has entertained you, and that the request which should be fixed in grammes of fat instead of divine things. Sceptics inside and out of a church building. Any of them live with you. They say that once alcoholic, always alcoholic or as soon as one becomes corpulent, he only should look because of his life rest. They never saw a rocket in an orbit about the earth outside of appeal of the world. But I would ask them, whether they have read or have heard 1 Pedro 4:1,2:

Hence, as the Christ suffered in its body, you have accepted also the same position because what suffered in its body, becomes with a sin. As result, vive the rest of its terrestrial life for harm of human desires, and at will of God.

? It is not most exciting thing which I have read? Not only I lived, but witnessed first-hand in these sessions of small groups, and have received letters of trucks, that I do not speak about thousand so-called telephone companies. You should not listen to this voice again. It can fly, and can probably throw it of far enough world (foodstuff) to escape in its appeal. Sceptics have never blown up enough high to follow from its gravity and to fly freely I has released draughts of a refrigerator, and already it does not carry out gravitational appeal over me.

They do not concentrate on the enemy or enemies. It is its Pechal Vorksopf Daun's part the task that God gives to us. We will be the pioneer of pilots as which, against each forecast, they have reached its purposes by means of establishment of its reason in which it is estimated only that it was visible its sceptics and the beginnings of years, inevitable failures. You have made the same.

Hence, we do not lose presence of mind. Though we outside become worn out, inside we are updated day by day. Because this weak instant grief makes in us eternal glory which overcomes with much all. Hence, not to concentrate that is visible but in which see. Because of which see, it temporary, but that is visible, eternal. (2 Corinthian 4:16-18)

Remember, the good way to place our reason in the Father is to go to the Word of God. It brings your Bible with you. Take it in metre. To leave a copy in its office in work. It will begin process of transferring of a foodstuff in a word of God and to arrive to a point which probably to speak as Job, "I have saved up his mouth words more than my bread of each day" (Job 23:12 b).

Other good way lonely to speak good luck. Pray that you not to fall in a temptation but which they will be handed over in desire of harm. Jesus learnt us to pray therefore.? Also that, if you have, when twenty times pray in day!?

Here Jesus this prayer - that I paraphrased Mateo 6:9-13 and Lucas 11:2-4:

Dear Padre Selestial:

Your name was consecrated. (? As impressing and first of all, which you). It revenges your kingdom. (We ask that its ideas, the government, justice, and a way to worry to come and replace this secular way of a life, because its kingdom made).

Harm today our bread of each day. (Harm today a part which we require).

Do not drop us in a temptation. (It conducts доставления us from tempting situations).

Also release us from harm.

Because yours is the kingdom, the power and glory for ever. (After everything, they. And they it absolutely. You absolutely powerful. You are that we adore, to amaze and adore). The conclusion.

We begin this book with pass Colosenses which it shows that the person at rules is not present any cost in sensuality restraint. The following phrase tells it what has a cost in sensuality restraint. A sight this key, which is not present to rise over a kitchen charm:

Since then, they have been restored by the Christ, place your heart in a thing above, where - the Christ taken in the right part of God. Place a sight in a thing above, not in terrestrial things. Because you have died, and your life has hidden the Christ in God. (Colosenses 3:1-3)

God wants your reason. When I have given it my reason, pure and pure, and it has placed in its internal premise большее understanding of that at it was earlier. quiere that its reason also. To give to it in that you can very in exchange.

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